Tyra Still Isn’t Done Talking About How Fat She Isn’t

You can call her a “Fatty Pig Fatty” all you want, O&A fans, Tyra Banks isn’t done convincing the world that she’s perfect just-the-way-she-is yet.

According to Faded Youth, Tyra plans on flying down to the Bahamas to recreate her ground-breaking Sports Illustrated cover shot. She’ll then feature the SI Tyra + 20 30something-pounds photographs on the February 19th episode of her show. I suspect Opie and Anthony’s listeners are already licking their lips in anticipation.

We love Tyra’s “I Swear I’m Not Fat” Tour more than anybody, but we’re not looking forward to seeing her squeeze into that polka dot bikini again. Is anybody looking forward to that? Seriously… we need to know.

Mandy Breaks Braff’s Heart, Vinnie Chase Style

Word on the street (and by street, I mean PR Newswire) is that Hollywood’s cutest pseudo-hipster couple - Zach Braff and Mandy Moore - have just taken up residence in Splitsville. For Mandy, this is sort of like life imitating art (and by art, I mean her character on Entourage last season brutally dumping young movie star Vincent Chase, sending him into a spiral of misery and shame). But hopefully Braff will handle the heartbreak a little better - after all, he does have an iPod full of life-changing consolation music from The Shins, as well as stacks and stacks of unopened Urban Outfitters Music Sampler CDs from which he was planning on selecting the tracks for his next film’s soundtrack. Keep your chin up, bro.

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