Anna Nicole Smith Death Conspiracy Round-Up

Anna Nicole Smith’s Passing Results In On-Air Battle Between Shameless Publicity Whores

Last night, Monique Goen (wife of TrimSpa CEO Alex Goen) and washed up actress/wrestler Chyna (who looked like she could use some TrimSpa herself) appeared on Larry King Live to discuss the death of Anna Nicole Smith. What they actually ended up discussing was a) who was better friends with Anna Nicole, and b) who most deserved the publicity that comes along with inanely commenting about her death on television.

While this sort of Hollywood necrophilia isn’t particularly surprising, the two women coming right out and boiling the entire discussion down in terms of publicity value is pretty depressing. Be sure to tune into Access Hollywood tonight to watch a bunch of ex-Playmates fight each other for the right to rob Anna Nicole’s corpse of forty dollars!

It hasn’t taken long for unfounded rumors circulating around the sudden death of Anna Nicole Smith to hit the internet and the streets. Last night, a friend shared her theory that the former Playboy Magazine model had been murdered by her husband Howard K. Stern, since what were the odds that both her and her son Daniel would die in similar ways (though it appears Anna had been sick the week leading up to yesterday’s news.) This theory is already circulating the net, most sites quoting Anna’s mom in a 2006 interview with Nancy Grace, suggesting that if both Anna and Daniel were to die, Stern would receive millions of dollars in inheritance money.

Other sites also suggest that Stern was the man responsible for giving Daniel the methadone that ended up killing him.

Yesterday, Access Hollywood shared news from an inside source (making that at least 16 different inside sources that we’ve read about…) that poor Anna passed away after choking on her own vomit. Sadly, this is probably the likeliest of all the rumors to be true, though earlier CNN reported that she passed away while napping, without this added detail.

But perhaps the most disturbing and disgusting rumor we’ve come across (our skin is crawling even writing this) is that her son Daniel is actually the real father of her baby Danielynn.

It these are the rumors popping up less than 24 hours after her death, we hate to hear what the next few weeks will bring.

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